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Specific prevention of the disease has not been developed. It is necessary to sanitize the oral cavity in a timely manner, properly treat diseases of the ENT organs, and deal with minor injuries, especially for people living in rural areas.

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The occurrence of the disease is facilitated by a decrease in the body's resistance due to the disease (flu, tuberculosis, diabetes, etc.), hypothermia, pregnancy, and so on. The protective function of Clomiphene membrane is disturbed by the previous local inflammatory process or trauma that violates its integrity, including as a result of surgery.

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In the pathogenesis of actinomycosis, salivary, bile, urinary, fecal calculi play a peculiar role: they are both a traumatic factor and carriers of radiant fungi. Confirmation of the endogenous theory of infection with actinomycosis is the development of the disease at the site of a closed injury.

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An example of the exogenous genesis of Actinomycosis is the development of a disease in the area of ​​an open injury, a skin disease (for example, eczema). The development of actinomycosis in the urachus, epithelial coccygeal passage, branchial fistulas with subsequent spread to the surrounding tissues can be of both endo- and exogenous origin.

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A certain value in the pathogenesis of clomid has a nonspecific microflora; the frequency of its allocation is directly proportional to the prescription of actinomycosis. In the presence of concomitant nonspecific microflora, actinomycosis is more severe, with frequent exacerbations, has a pronounced tendency to spread and requires longer treatment.

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The severity of fibrosis is different and depends on the reaction of the body.

the second variant (second stage) is characterized by a variegated composition of granulation tissue, in which, in addition to the above, there are epithelioid, lymphoid, plasma, xanthoma cells, hyaline balls, collagen fibers, and the presence of hyalinized scars and various sizes of abscesses. In the diagnosis of A., along with the study of tissue reactions, the detection of drusen of actinomycetes is also of great importance (Fig. 2).